Olympus Confocal Fluoview300


Confocal microscopy can improve conventional fluorescence images by recording fluorescence generated from the focal plane within the sample, while rejecting all other light coming from above or below the focal plane. The efficient point-scan/pinhole-detection confocal optics of the FluoView systems virtually eliminate out of focus light to produce high-contrast images with superb resolution.

Laser lines for excitation:
• Blue Argon (488nm) laser
• Green Helium Neon (543nm) laser
• Red Helium Neon (633nm) laser

Two high-sensitivity photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) are located directly within the FV300 confocal fluorescence emission light path for high sensitivity detection of the fluorescence signal.

Differential interference contrast images 
A separate, dedicated PMT may be used for the simultaneous detection of high-resolution Brightfield or DIC images with which the confocal fluorescence images may be overlaid.



Magnification    N.A. Immersion            Type
2.5x             0.075 dry                 Plan Neofluar
10 x             0.3 dry                   UPL FL 
20 x             0.7 dry                   UPlanAPO
40 x             1.0 oil                   UPlanAPO
60 x             1.35 oil                  UPlanSAPO 
100 x            1.4 oil                    UPlanSAPO
Olympus Confocal Fluoview300