January 2021 - New Zeiss Confocal 980 with Airyscan2

13 January, 2021

LSM 980 with Airyscan 2 is a top-class confocal instrument designed to provide ultimate sensitivity, fastest linear scanning speeds and high-resolution imaging in a single confocal platform.

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March 2020 - The Core Research Facility enrolls to the efforts for Corona-virus testing

21 March, 2020
News Covid

During this time of emergency, we are collaborating with the virology department at the Hadassah hospital to increase the number of coronavirus tests conducted in Israel. We took advantage of our cutting-edge lab facility, equipment and personnel for the benefit of coronavirus testing. We started with two liquid handling robots that were available in the unit and currently we have seven robots. Together with several real-time PCR machines, we have now the ability to perform up to 3000 tests per day. A group of 50 students, researchers and workers from the university performs the tests in the unit 24/7.