Unit Policy


New Users

New users need a valid BOOKIT account to start working at the CRF. You can open a BOOKIT account here. HUJI users press the blue button and enter with your credentials. External users press the green button and click on new users and fill the details. If the name of your PI is absent in the User Group field, ask your PI to send us: Full Name, ID, Phone, e-mail and affiliation to us and we will open a new user group.

Opening Hours

The unit is open Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 to 18:00. During the opening hours a person in duty is available for help in any general matters. (Person in duty: 054-8820395). Access to the unit on weekends, vacations and late hours is permitted to trained users by a magnetic card permit. The card used for opening the CRF doors is personal and cannot be transferred to another person under any circumstances. Users are not allowed to stay alone in the unit.


Users must receive training by a Core staff member prior to using any core instrumentation. Training colleagues on the Core’s instrumentation is forbidden. Please use our booking system to request training. Click on the “tutoring” mark.  Once you have requested tutoring a member of the CRF will contact you to confirm the schedule for the training session.


Users must reserve their use of Core Facility equipment using the Bookit system by any internet connected PC or mobile device. Reservations are subjected to the Bookit cancellation policy. When time is scheduled, users are prompted to choose the appropriate budget number, the start and end times for the reservation and check any accessories.

Log On/off Policy

Every user must use his/her own credentials for instrument use/scheduling and for tutoring requests. Do not share accounts,  nor share your password, nor log in for others. Do not forget to log off at the end of your session. Shut down the equipment after verifying whether another user is scheduled or unless instructed otherwise.


Budget owners (PI) are responsible for maintaining current budget numbers in the Bookit system. Users should choose the appropriate budget number when reserving time or logging into the instrument. Budget owners can check the expenses for their group members using Bookit web software. Charges are automatically debited from HUJI budgets provided by the users. Service prices can be evaluated in our booking system under the “pricing” tab.


All CRF users must complete the Hebrew University safety procedures.

Data management and storage

It is the responsibility of all users to copy their data to a secondary medium at the time of data collection and/or analysis. Under no circumstances should data be stored long term on the unit computers. Please consult with our staff for the transfer of data from each equipment.

Issues and problems

Always email reports of problems with instrument to tzabam@ekmd.huji.ac.il. We will notify users when an instrument is down. If the instrument you reserved is not working, we will assist you on an alternative, if possible.



We request that you acknowledge the Core Research Facility when publishing work done with our support. Click here for acknowledgment guidelines.