Nikon Multiphoton A1MP


The Nikon’s A1 MP multi-photon confocal microscope, a unique imaging system allowing fast and higher resolution non-invasive imaging deep into living organisms, extending the boundaries of traditional research techniques in biological sciences. Modern episcopic GaAsP NDD detectors enable deeper high-sensitivity imaging more r​​eliably with higher signal to noise ratio than ever. The microscope is equipped with unique, user friendly incubation system for live imaging that was developed by researchers of our center in collaboration with Tokai hit.


Multi-photon imaging system explores depth data with high resolution while our foremost tools visualize the 3D images.


A1 Multiphoton Specifications

• Deep tissue imaging (>600µm). 
• High-sensitivity 4-channel NDD (​non-Descanned Detector) for multiphoton microscopy. 
• Multiphoton unmixing achieved via the 4-channel NDD.

Microscope        Ti Upright
Imaging System A1 MP Confocal. 
Four NDD Detectors for MP. 

X,Y,Z, fluorescence filters.

Automatic IR Beam alignment and wavelength selection. 

Objectives 20x dry plus 10x, 25x and 40x water dipping.
Laser Wavelengths 639nm diode Coherent Chameleon II laser.
Fluorescence observation DAPI, CFP, GFP, YFP, TRITC, RFP ,Cy5.
Isolation  Air damped anti vibration table.
Software NIS Elements



Nikon Multiphoton A1MP