Qubit 4.0

The Qubit™ 4 Fluorometer (Invitrogen) is a benchtop fluorometer that can be used for the quantitation of DNA, RNA, microRNA, and protein, as well as for the measurement of RNA integrity and quality using the highly sensitive and accurate fluorescence based Qubit™ assays. The Qubit assays utilize target-selective dyes that emit fluorescence when bound to DNA, RNA or protein. Unlike UV absorbance, which can overestimate sample concentrations due to contaminants in the sample such as salts, solvents, detergents, proteins, free nucleotides. Qubit fluorescence is also much more sensitive than UV absorbance, and the system is able to accurately measure dilute samples with significantly less noise. The assay uses as little as 2 μL of sample.

dsDNA quantification assays

Our Qubit dsDNA high-sensitivity (HS) and broad-range (BR) assays are highly selective for double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) over RNA and single-stranded DNA (ssDNA). In addition to our broad range assay, we offer a high-sensitivity assay for samples with a low concentration of dsDNA, making it ideal for precious samples. Common contaminants such as salts, free nucleotides, RNA, solvents, detergents, or protein are well tolerated in the dsDNA HS and BR assays.

RNA quantification assays

The Invitrogen Qubit RNA BR (broad range) and HS (high sensitivity) Assay Kits are highly selective for RNA over double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) and unlike other RNA assays do not require DNase if DNA is present in the sample for an accurate measurement.

The assays are accurate for initial sample concentrations from as little as 250 pg/μL. Common contaminants, such as salts, free nucleotides, solvents, detergents, or protein are well tolerated in the assay.


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 Qubit™ dsDNA HS Assay



 Qubit™ RNA HS Assay




Qubit RNA IQ Assay

The Qubit RNA IQ Assay utilizes two unique dyes—one that binds to large, intact and/or structured RNA, the other selectively binds to small, degraded RNA. Together they are able to quickly assess the quality and integrity of an RNA sample. To use, simply add your samples to the RNA IQ working solution, then measure on the Qubit 4 Fluorometer.

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Qubit 4

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