iCyt Eclipse (Sony)


The ECLIPSE analyzer is a simple to use analyser. It offers a solution for flow cytometry, cell counting, and particle sizing applications. With 3 excitation lasers (488nm, 561nm and 642nm), electronics cell volume, and user-configurable fluorescent detectors, the ECLIPSE is compatible with many commonly used fluorochromes and fluorescent proteins. The ECLIPSE has a plate loader for automatic sample loading (from Eppendorf/FACS tubes and 96 wells plate) and an injection system for adding solutions to test samples.

The instrument is available for trained users in a self-operated mode. Untrained users must contact core personnel to schedule hands-on training.


Acquisition is done with ECLIPSE software and FCS files should be exported after acquisition. Data analysis can be done with any third party analysis software. We have working stations with FlowJO and FCS-express software. Facility staff is available to go over experiment design, discussion of data analysis or any other question users may have.