BD Sorter ARIA III (A)

The BD FACSAria III (A) sorter is equipped with 4 lasers; 405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 640nm. This instrument enables multicolor analysis of up to 15 parameters. FACSAria III (A) is specifically designed to sort cells at high flow speeds. We support 2- and 4-way sorting.   The sorted cells are collected in a variety of vessels of 1.5ml, 5ml or 15 ml collecting tubes, with four sizes of nozzles (70, 85, 100 and 130 micron) enabling a wide range of cells sizes. It is also possible to sort directly into multi-well plates. There is a temperature controlled sample chamber and collection tube holder to enhance cell viability.

The FACSAria III (A) is located in Room 18, Building 3 Level -1.

This sorter is dedicated for experienced users that can work autonomously.

If you want to be trainded for working independently in order to use this equipment, please contact the ARIA III (A) operators.

 Useful link:  BD Spectrum viewer