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The Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution

The Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution provides a comprehensive, scalable solution for cell characterization and gene expression profiling of hundreds to tens of thousands of cells. The 10X Genomics latest improvements allow you to detect even more unique transcripts per cell and with the addition of Feature Barcoding technology, you can get a more complete molecular readout cell by cell—identify cell-specific CRISPR-mediated perturbations or simultaneously measure gene and cell surface protein expression in the same cell, with virtually unlimited possibilities for the additional feature types.

Go beyond traditional gene expression analysis to characterize cell populations, cell types, cell states, and more on a cell-by-cell basis. From assessing tumor heterogeneity and stem cell composition, to dissecting neuronal populations—the technological advancements provided by the Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution, along with turnkey software tools, allow the creation of high complexity libraries from single cells to maximize insight from any sample type.

  • Identify and characterize rare cell types

  • Analyze and understand cellular heterogeneity and how this contributes to your biological system

  • Perform cellular phenotyping with single cell RNA-seq to identify novel targets, biomarkers, and cell types and states without the need for pre-selected targets

  • Evaluate mRNA and cell surface protein expression profiles within the same cell

  • Perform high throughput and high resolution functional genetic screens in tens of thousands of cells simultaneously

  • Assess comprehensive gene expression phenotypes for individual CRISPR perturbations


The 10X Genomics gives solution for questions on:


Copy Number Variation

Gene Expression Profiling

Gene Expression CRISPR Screening

Gene & Cell Surface Protein

Immune Profiling

Immune Profiling & Cell Surface Protein

Immune Profiling & Antigen Specificity


Chromatin Accessibility


Spatial Gene Expression Profiling




de novo


Available kits:

CHROMIUM Single Cell Gene Expression - The Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution provides high-throughput, single cell expression measurements that enable discovery of gene expression dynamics and molecular profiling of individual cell types.

CHROMIUM Single Cell Immune Profiling - The Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling Solution is a comprehensive, scalable tool for profiling full-length paired V(D)J transcripts from hundreds to millions of lymphocytes. The new solution enables assembly of full-length V(D)J sequences on a cell-by-cell basis, providing high resolution insights into the adaptive immune system.

CHROMIUM Single Cell CNV - The Chromium Single Cell CNV Solution provides a comprehensive, scalable solution for revealing genome heterogeneity and understanding clonal evolution. Study disease pathogenesis or characterize neuronal mosaicism at the single cell level.

CHROMIUM Single Cell ATAC - The Chromium Single Cell ATAC Solution provides genome-wide chromatin accessibility information for tens of thousands of nuclei. Elucidate gene regulatory mechanisms to understand epigenetic heterogeneity at high resolution.

CHROMIUM Genome Sequencing - The Chromium Genome Solution provides long range information on a genome-wide scale, including variant calling, phasing and extensive characterization of genomic structure. Unlock critical genetic information for variants in heritable disorders, and discover key genomic alterations in cancer.

CHROMIUM Exome Sequencing -The Chromium Exome Solution uses the power of linked-reads to fully resolve genic phasing, structural variation, and detect variants in previously inaccessible and complex regions of the exome.

CHROMIUM de novo Assembly -The Chromium de novo Assembly Solution opens the door to low-cost, every day diploid genome assemblies. With its simple workflow, low DNA input requirements, and automated data analysis, the Chromium de novo Assembly Solution enables true diploid genome assembly like never before.





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