Transmission Electron Microscope

The JEM-1400 is the 120 kV model in JEOL’s new PC controlled TEM range. It is an evolutionary development of the highly successful JEM-1230 and builds on JEOL’s long history (since 1949) of TEM design and manufacture. Principle benefits include: 
New High Contrast and Analytical Objective Lens Options – two new pole-pieces are available for the JEM-1400, a specially developed, high contrast design for bioscience and polymer applications.
New Robust, Reliable Control System – the new MS Windows GUI provides a familiar front-end, giving access to all microscope controls and detailed feedback on all operating parameters
New Low Drift, Precision Stage – a newly designed goniometer stage, the same as JEOL’s aberration corrected TEMs, ensures short settling times, low drift rates and precision sample movements with piezo drives (option) giving sub-nanometre control of stage position. Large diameter specimen holders enhance mechanical rigidity and stability. 
Flexible and Versatile Sample Holder Options
Clean Sample Environment – the JEM-1400 vacuum system design minimizes instrumental contamination of samples, the main source of contamination being the sample itself. Active differential pumping of the airlock prevents introduction of contaminants when loading samples. Cryo-pumping removes contamination from the sample and prevents re-deposition onto the area of the sample being examined.