Tecan Spark 10M

The Tecan Spark multimode plate reader measures absorbance, Fluorescence, FP (Fluorescence polarization), TRF (Time-resolved fluorescence) and Luminescence.
You can perform a full absorbance spectrum scan (200-1000nm) in less than 5 sec. Fluorescence Fusion Optics that combines true monochromator flexibility with filter sensitivity for a single fluorescence measurement. Freely set a wavelength via monochromator or a filter on both the excitation and emission side. 
Spark 10M offers CO2 and temperature control for live cell assay, providing cell conditions with all standard microplates. Integrated automated lid handling that balances gas exchange and evaporation protection for live cell kinetic assays and even allows for automated reagent injection during the experiment.

Main Features:

  • Absorbance – incl. UV/VIS spectra.
  • Fluorescence top & bottom - incl. spectra.
  • Time resolved fluorescence (TRF) – incl. spectra.
  • FRET.
  • TR-FRET.
  • Fluorescence Polarization (FP).
  • Luminescence – glow, flash, multicolor, spectra.
  • Temperature control (RT+4°C – 42°C).
  • Light source Xenon flash lamp.
  • Liquid dispensers with reagent heater and stirrer.
  • CO2 & O2 control.
  • Evaporation protection (humidtiy cassette).
  • Shaking linear, orbital, double-orbital; variable amplitudes and frequencies.
  • Plate format 1 - 384 wells; cuvettes.


  • Spectral Range: 200 - 1000 nm.
  • OD range 0 - 4 OD.
  • Scan Speed 200-1000 nm ≤ 5 sec.

Fluorescence intensity:

  • Spectral range Ex: 230 – 900 nm; Em: 280 – 900 nm.
  • Well scanning up to 100 x 100 data points.


  • Spectral range 370 – 700 nm.
  • Multi-color luminescence 38 spectral filters; OD1, OD2, OD3 attenuation filters.