Table-top Ultracentrifuge

The Optima MAX-TL Series of tabletop ultracentrifuges delivers optimum functionality and efficiency within a compact, quiet package.  The MAX-TL is compatible with the existing Beckman Coulter TL-Series rotors and labware. The interface includes full-color LCD touch-screen that makes navigation and operation a breeze and the software includes nine languages.

We maintain a wide variety of rotors wich are located in the glass door refrigerator in the nearby room. Below is a list of available rotors.The CRF has some tubes available for you to use with the ultracentrifuge, please consult the person in duty for more details.

General Specifications:

  • Maximum speed: of 120,000 RPM, 657,000 x g.
  • Speed Control:  ±50 rpm of set speed.
  • Operating Languages English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese.
  • Set temperature: 0 to 40°C in increments of 1°C.

The centrifuge is located in Room 7B, Building 4 Level -1.

If you want to use this equipment for the first time, please contact the person in duty.

Person in Duty: 054-8820395



Rotors available for this centrifuge:






Rinse rotors with DDW after use and dry upside down. When dry return the rotor to the refrigerator.

Rotor Type Rotor Serial Number Manufacturer Max Speed (RPM) Relative Centrifugal
Field (× g) at rmax
Number of Positions Max Tube Volume Catalogue No of Tubes
TLA 45 272 Beckman 45K 125,000 12 1.4 ml Eppendorf polyallomer  357448- Polyallomer Eppendorf tubes 1,5 ml
TLA 55 01E990 Beckman 55K 186,000 12 1.4 ml Eppendorf polyallomer  357448- Polyallomer Eppendorf tubes 1,5 ml
TLS 55 1674 Beckman 50K 259,000 4 2 ml 347357 -Polyallomer tubes 2,2 ml
TLA 100.2 1829 Beckman 100K 436,000 10 1 ml 343778(Polycarbonat);  347287(Polyallomer)
TLA 100 734 Beckman 100K 436,000 20 0.2 ml 343775(Polycarbonat);  343621(Polyallomer)
TLA 110 01E1640 Beckman 100K 657,000 8 5.1ml Quick-Seal tubes  362248 Polyallomer Quick-Seal tubes 5.1ml


          Avaliable at the CRF