Scintillation Counter

The Tri-Carb 4910TR counter is a computer-controlled benchtop liquid scintillation analyzer for measuring small amounts of beta, gamma and alpha radioactivity.

The Tri-Carb 4910TR liquid scintillation counter provides high performance and flexibility for multi-application and multi-user laboratories detecting radioactivity in life science research, environmental monitoring and/or health physics assays.

Standard Features

  • TR-LSC (Time-resolved Liquid Scintillation Counting) for high sensitivity, low background liquid scintillation counting.
  • 30 user protocol with unlimited assays.
  • Luminescence detection.
  • Enhanced Direct DPM technique determines the DPM of any single label pure beta or beta/gamma radionuclide in any cocktail without the use of quench standards.
  • QuantaSmart Software a robust multitasking, easy networking environment with unlimited assays in a secure multiuser environment.
  • Mesurements in CPM or DPM.


This equipment is located in Room 10A, Building 4 Level -2.

If you want to use this equipment for the first time, please contact the person in duty.


Person in Duty: 054-8820395