LTQ Orbitrap


The LTQ-Orbitrap is a hybrid linear ion trap with a high resolution Orbitrap detection system. It is interfaced with an LC  system.

This mass spectrometer consists of two spectrometers: Linear Quadrupole Trap (LTQ) and Orbitrap. LTQ is a low resolution mass spectrometer used for fast analysis, filtration of the molecules with the masses of interest, and fragmentation of molecules in a trap chamber. These options make LTQ unique for MS-n analysis. Fourier Transform Orbitrap Spectrometer has a unique sensitivity. Tandem combination of these two traps results in a top level Mass Spectrometry solution.

The great features of the LTQ orbitrap are:

  1. Resolving power > 100,000
  2. Wide MS range (m/z 50-2000, m/z 200-4000)
  3. Parallel MS and MSn analysis
  4. Multiple dissociation techniques: CID and PQD
  5. Routine FT mass accuracy (< 3 ppm with external calibration, < 1 ppm using internal calibration)
  6. Great sensitivity (femtomol range for peptides)