Leica CM 1950 Cryostat


The CM1950 from Leica is a cryostat for high quality sectioning of frozen tissues, which contains an in-built UV disinfection system. It contains an encapsulated microtome and separate specimen cooling (only in device N°2). The displays and instrument controls are easy to operate due to their largely self-explanatory symbols. LED displays make it easy to read.

This device is used to rapidly section frozen tissues such as brain, kidney, prostate in thicknesses between 5 – 300 µm.  Fresh tissue samples are frozen with OCT embedding medium to provide rigidity and support for sectioning. 

Main Features:

• UVC disinfection minimizes risk of contamination by infectious material. 
• AgProtect, an antimicrobial, nanosilver coating on all outside surfaces also minimizes contamination risk. 
• Optional section waste removal system provides a safer environment using a concealed primary filter system for solid waste and a bacterial (HEPA) filter for air. 

You have to bring the consumables you need for using the cryostat, e.g., OCT, slides etc. We provide specimen discs, the disposable blades. For information about the consumables please contact Alex Eliassaf.


First time users must contact Alex Eliassaf. All users must sign up for instrument time, using our booking system.