Fusion Solo-s


The Fusion Solo S is a sensitive gel and blot documentation system. The Fusion Solo has a large field of view and provides images for accurate quantification. The Fusion Solo S is the ideal system for users that need to find an alternative to their films.


  • Dedicated chemiluminescence system. It can be used for any application using luminescent substrates such as luciferase, luminol or ECL equivalent. The blot visible marker can be easily imaged thanks to the white light LED and merged to the blot signal.
  • Super-Bright UV trans-illuminator for visualization of ethidium bromide stained gels.
  • Cooled scientific grade CCD camera that allows High Sensitivity reading (HSR) technology.
  • Removable tray and 4 positioning options according to the sample size. The sample can be positioned as close as possible from the camera in order to maximize the sensitivity and several samples can be imaged at the same time.
  • Fusion .CAPT software that allows analysis such as molecular weight, quantification of bands, colony counting and distance calculation. 


Thanks to its unique lens and camera technologies, the Fusion Solo delivers raw data with no loss of information, no image distortion, no image processing, no pixelization, and no background noise.



Fusion Solo S


SmartCab intelligent darkroom technology:

  • Software control of the lighting
  • Automatic white light intensity adjustment according to the sample position
  • Pre-calibrated focus for all defined sample height

optical lens

Manual V.084 lens


Pre-calibrated focusing
(1,2,3,4 or trans-illuminator  position)




DARQ7 Scientific grade CCD camera Grade 0, zero defect



Fusion-Capt software for image acquisition and image analysis

• Apps Studio

• 3D Dynamic Scan

Optimized  time acquisition option


Aperture F:



-67° C maximum cooling differential from ambient

Image resolution:

10 megapixels


Superbright UV PAD

Option for visible gel documentation (e.g. coomassie, Ponceau …)

Yes with FC-26WL  conversion screen