Fluostar Galaxy

The FLUOstar Galaxy is a fully automated microplate based multi-detection reader which incorporates different measurement principles:

  • Fluorescence.                               
  • Fluorescence Intensity.                              
  • Time-Resolved Fluorescence. 
  • Absorbance.


  • Ca2+ Measurements (e.g. Ca2+ Flux with Fura-2 or Indo-1).
  • Enzyme Activity.
  • Cell Toxicity.
  • Cell, Proliferation and Viability.
  • Immunoassays.

By integrating a high intensity xenon flash lamp, the Galaxy can read plate formats of 6-384 well plates in all measurement modes. Top-to-bottom readings.


Temperature-regulated heating plates above and below the entire plate movement area provide uniform incubation up to 45°C.

Endpoint, slow and fast kinetic measurements 

Kinetic applications can be defined, with interval times from 100 ms to several hours.

Multi-color detection

The fast filter wheels and the ability to define up to 8 sets of filter, each with individual gain and measurement timing parameters, allow analysis of multiple fluorophores in a single well (FRET, dual-emission, DNA-detection).


FLUOstar Galaxy- Technical Specifications

Measurement Principles

Fluorescence Intensity
Time-Resolved Fluorescence

Light Source

High-energy xenon flash lamp


Side window, current type photomultiplier tube

Fluorescence Filters

Excitation filters: 320, 490, 485, 544 nm.

Emission filters: 405, 460, 520, 590 nm.

Absorbance Filters

Filters: 405,450, 492, 590, 620 nm.

Fluorescence Intensity

Limit of detection: 0.9 fmol / well fluorescein 
calculated according to the IUPAC standard: 3(SDblank)/slope

Time-Resolved Fluorescence

Limit of detection: 50 amol/well europium 
calculated according to the IUPAC standard: 3(SDblank)/slope

Microplate Formats

up to 384 well and Fluorescence intensity and time-resolved fluorescence up to 1536 well plate.  
Fluorescence black plate and Absorbance clear plate

Reading Time

Depends on test definition
shortest reading time: 15 s for 96-well plate
30s for 384 well plate 60s for 1536 well plate


Incubation range from ambient +8 °C to 45 °C 
in 0.1°C steps
Temperature stability 0.2 °C


Orbital or linear shaking, user definable time and shake width