Lyophilizer (Freeze Dryer)

The freeze dryer works at very low temperature (-40° C) and very low pressure to sublime frozen solvent.

Sublimation occurs when a frozen sample goes directly to the gaseous phase without passing through the liquid phase. As the ice sublimates, it leaves voids in the dry residual material making it easy to rehydrate. Freeze drying samples stabilizes them for storage, preservation, or shipping. Lyophilization is a method of sample preservation that significantly reduces damage to biological samples. Substances that are not damaged by freezing can usually be lyophilized so that refrigerated storage is unnecessary. Important exceptions are mammalian cells, nearly all of which are destroyed by lyophilization. However, many microorganisms and proteins survive lyophilization well, and it is a preferred method of drying vaccines, pharmaceuticals, blood fractions, and other laboratory samples. 

A low temperature freezing-bath is available to freeze your samples. Never freeze your samples with liquid nitrogen!

We do not provide flasks, please bring your own.

If you want to use this equipment for the first time, please contact the person in duty.

The lyophilizer is located in Room 7B, Building 4 Level -1.

Person in Duty: 054-8820395



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